I have purchased both the Series I and Series II sets and couldn't be more pleased. These cards are an homage to both an exciting, if ill-fated, new league and a time when card collecting was for done for the players and not the investment. The colorful card design is reminiscent of the 60's and early 70's cards and the player selection is a great representation of all the teams and the league. When I consider that these cards were produced by four collector/enthusiast rather than a large card manufacturer I am blown away. These sets are a very tasty microbrew in the trading card world. A big thanks to Greg, Richie, Bill and Willie!!!! I can't wait for Series III and hoping for a few more Maryland players!!

Ray Humphrey
Glen Burnie, Maryland

I received the Series II WFL card set commemorating the 1975 season last week, and I am very impressed. The player selection is outstanding, and the card design works well. The backs are different colored than Series I, and contain great player information. These cards fit right in with anything issued during that period. I have been a collector since I was a boy in the 70's, and I am proud and happy to add these cards to my collection. Keep up the good work, I can't wait for Series III.

Dave Ryan
Fairmont, West Virginia

This 1974 WFL football card set is the real deal! Great old-school style and the photos were surprisingly fresh...can't WAIT for the 1975 set!!

Tim Downey
The guys have done a terrific job on this set of cards. Photos of WFL players are not easy to come by, yet they have found with an amazing number of them. The backs of the cards contain every statistic and scrap of information a fan could want. For those of us who knew and loved the WFL, these cards are a great addition to our collections. For those who didn't know the WFL, the cards are an excellent introduction to a league that was ahead of its time, and one that might well have survived had it come a long a few years later.

Bob Faulkner
Las Vegas, Nevada
Jacksonville Sharks/Express season ticket holder
I just got my WFL cards and just want to say the wait was worth it. This much anticipated set definitely exceeded my expectations. The varieties of the players in the set along with the photos were excellent. The stats and bios listed on the back were true quality. This set is without a doubt a "MUST HAVE" for any WFL or true football fan. My compliments to all who worked tirelessly to produce this high quality set of football cards. I can't wait for the next series.

Nick Dell'Acqua

The Series I WFL cards are a terrific success. The cards have a nice mix of players, both well known and more obscure, and the design is perfect. These cards look like something Topps may have actually produced in this era. The clean, colorful design works, and the card backs are informative and well written. The playoff and league leader cards are a nice touch. The WFL was short lived on the field, but is now immortalized on cardboard. Great job and looking forward to Series II.

Dave Ryan
Fairmont, West Virginia

Nice job to all who put together the WFL Cards. Great graphics & statistics. Could have been produced by Topps back in the day! Looking forward to the next set. Let me know if I can be of any assistance.

Chris Gmyrek
Buffalo, New York

Nice job on your WFL series one set. The cards are the standard 2 1/2" x 3 1/2" size and the card stock is very good. I wondered what photo sources would be available nearly 30 years after the fact, but didn't expect to see as many color shots as you found. Cards of players from the Birmingham Americans, Memphis Southmen and Florida Blazers were probably the best of the bunch. The set pictured men who played in the NFL and CFL, in addition to guys who only played in the WFL. The brief bio sketches on the card backs ranged from two sentences in length to good paragraphs. Also on the card backs were the player's WFL statistics. One Detroit Wheels player, Terry Hoeppner, had a good career as a college coach, including a stint as head coach at the University of Indiana, but that was not mentioned on his bio notes. Among the better known players appearing in the set were Dennis Homan, Virgil Carter, George Mira, Ben Davidson, Alfred Jenkins, Randy Johnson, Jim Kanicki, Jim Nance, John Huarte, George Sauer, Jr., King Corcoran and Pete Beathard. There were no cards of WFL head coaches, but there's still another series or two in the works.

I plan to buy the other WFL series you are able to produce. Thanks.

Jay Langhammer
Ft. Worth, Texas

As others have stated WFL cards have not been made till now. Series 1 is a great set and a must have for those of us who want to preserve the memory of the WFL. I feel that Series 1 is a great step in this regard. In researching the WFL, I am aware what so many players did in the league and their dedication through all the obstacles the WFL faced, many self-inflicted by the league. The WFL's influence in rule changes for both the CFL and NFL is almost permanent. It is the only league to ever challenge both established leagues and football is better today in both Canada and United States because of the WFL While I would have liked to see more players, this set was well done. It also captures the time as black and white was still in common use and some game programs only have black and white photos. There is a good mixture of still and action photos and a good mixture of color and black & white. The backs of the cards are also well done. The first thing I thought about the backs was that Topps has nothing on these cards. A few players could have had a longer write up where there was room, such as Sam Scarber, who played for San Diego after Detroit folded. I thought that could have been mentioned. Great job on this set and I'm looking forward to Series 2.

Herman Giesbrecht
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Every card is a step back in time. Every player a memory of a league that many of us grew up with. For myself, it was holding a transistor radio to my ear (so my parents wouldn’t hear it) on Wednesday nights to listen to the Philadelphia Bell. That was Media, PA, 1974, and the World Football League had blown into town with much excitement and fan fare. Colorful uniforms, unique team names 'Bell', 'Fire', to mention a few, and a host of new rules promising to open up the game and light up the scoreboard!

Despite the league meteoric rise (and fall) these trading cards allow the league to live on - King Corcoran, Virgil Carter, and even ex-NFL greats Ben Davidson and George Sauer. The presentation is flawless from the colorful design to the rare photos to the player bios on the back. The set represents all the 1974 WFL teams equally from the World Bowl winning Birmingham Americans to the iconic Detroit Wheels. This set is a must for any serious football fan, and a crucial item in any WFL fans collection.

Jim Cusano
Topsham, Maine
I came home today and checked my mailbox and there was the 1st series of 1974 WFL football cards. I felt like a little kid on Christmas day. I couldn't wait to get inside to open them up. I wasn't disappointed. As a Sports Card Collectibles show promoter I feel this set is a must for all football memorabilia collectors, it is a part of our football heritage.

Gary Sipos (Cards & Collectibles)