Card Checklist
World Football LeagueNo World Football LeagueTeam World Football LeagueCard
01 Birmingham Americans Setting Up the Play
02 Birmingham Vulcans Gang Tackling
03 Charlotte Hornets Getting the Touch Yardage
04 Charlotte Stars Practice
05 Chicago Fire Seeing Red
06 Chicago Winds Off Tackle
07 Detroit Wheels Looking for Daylight
08 Florida Blazers On the Ball
09 Hawaiians Plenty of Time
10 Houston Texans The Sack
11 Jacksonville Express Pursuing the Runner
12 Jacksonville Sharks Plenty of Time to Throw
13 Memphis Southmen Dropping Back
14 New York Stars Under the Gun
15 Philadelphia Bell Hot Pursuit
16 Portland Storm Man in Motion
17 Portland Thunder Screen Pass
18 San Antonio Wings Staring Down the Offense
19 Shreveport Steamer In High Gear
20 Southern California Sun Scanning the Defense
21 Washington Ambassadors Naming the Coach
22 WFL Action Fumble!
23 WFL Action Halftime
24 WFL Action The Dickerod
25 WFL Action Lining Up
26 WFL Action Pre-game
27 WFL Action Roaming the Sidelines
28 WFL Action The Referees
29 WFL Action Toss Play
30 World Bowl